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2012 Vegas Training Camp - Day 3

FEBRUARY 29 2012 11:15AM

2012 Vegas Training Camp - Day 3

Daylight Pass = 13 miles and 4,400 ft of climbing at 6% or more the entire time. It takes over an hour. This classifies as an HC. For those of you unfamiliar, and Hors "Beyond" Category Climb. It's too big to categorize. Holy god.

(The photo above is what 3 back alley kids look like after climbing for over an hour haha)

So we went to Death Valley. I love and hate this trip. It's one of the coolest places we go to ride, but it take forrrrrrevvvvverrrrrrr to get there and seemingly even longer to get back.

Last year we did 54 miles of out and back from Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells at 25mph on the flats. This year was quite different, we're looking for more challenges. Pete tried baiting us into a few TT effort attacks on the flats but we knew better because we knew he was going to have us turn off the straight road and go up Daylight Pass.

We blasted up the first 6.5 miles to Hell's Gate and I was dying, fell behind the group at about the 5.5 mark just before Hell's Gate. We regrouped and Ben, Tom, and Adam took off for the summit of Daylight Pass, Rich, JP, and I started out in group two going at more of a tempo rate than a threshold rate.

What a freaking ride. We did the 13.5 miles in a little under an hour and a half. This hold time and tempo or threshold. It was incredible.

Then came the fun part, a 13 mile downhill. Not fun because it was freeeeezing, but awesome because I was going 35+ mph for 30 minutes downhill. I dropped the Scooties, ended up alone for that half hour and regrouped with the guys back on the main road to ride in.

What a freaking day out! I'd never been on such an adrenalin high as I was after that climb and descent. It was a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction!

Here's my ride: (waiting for Strava to manually add the Daylight Pass segment that didn't show up)

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