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5 Days in.......

FEBRUARY 29 2012 12:56PM

5 Days in.......

So after three fairly challenging days in the saddle, Sunday, Coach "highly recommended" I take it easy as I was showing signs of being tired. Rightfully so, yes I have been training harder this winter than I ever have before, but how often do you get to put in this king of riding - I had 175 miles in and over 15000' of climbing in my legs. So on Monday, I rode a uneventful 40 miles to loosen up my legs and be ready for Day 5 - a trip back to Death Valley. 

We went last year, and did a fast, flat ride out to Stovepipe Wells. This year, being a more challenging camp than the previous, we chose to climb up to Daylight Pass. A 13 mile long HC climb averaging 6% and gaining just over 4000'. What a differance a day makes! I felt amazing.... Legs were fresh, I had such a rythym going. I felt unstoppable! I never would have imagined I could accomplish such a feat before. Now, working with Peter, all the training, all the hard work, I finally felt like those hours and hours on my trainer, at the Shop, after hours meant something.

Now let's hope I can still put it all together when it matters most - Racing!!!!

Here's the stats from Day 5.....

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