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On the Road: Ve-gas (part 2)

FEBRUARY 29 2012 12:53PM

On the Road:  Ve-gas (part 2)

So at this point, I don't even know what day it is while I am typing this.

I've logged approx. 300 miles so far this camp with three more days to go.

We've had some spectacular climbing showtimes the last two days from Tom (Sanchez) and Adam (Mouth).  Both are making huge strides this season when it comes to going uphill.  Yesterday we did the climb out of Death Valley to the top of Daylight Pass...a 13 mile, 4200 ft. blast off.  The three of us crested in 1:18, averaging 10 mph!  The rest of the crew came in not too far behind...everyone is showing how all the hard work is paying off.

Here are the rides from the last two days:

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